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Customised Market Appraisal
The Customised Market Appraisal is specifically aimed at companies requiring specific targeted information about the opportunities for their products in the UK market.

This service offers an individually prepared professional and objective assessment of the company's intended marketplace and a considered view on what the company would need to do to succeed in the UK and the proposed next steps.
Each CMA report is tailored to the individual need of the client company and, consequently, each report will cover the most appropriate issues for that company's intended market.
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Whilst these evaluations will not be significant enough to replace a more in depth research study - and should not be used as the sole basis for further financial investment - they do provide sufficient information to be able to decide upon and plan the next action.

As each Appraisal is specifically designed and market places vary in complexity, timings will vary. However, typically, clients will receive their reports around four weeks from commissioning.
The Customised Market Appraisal would typically include:
  • Market size - volume and value
  • Market trends
  • Key contenders - products and shares
  • Pricing and trends
  • Distribution issues
  • Main distributors and channels
  • The future of the market
  • Publications which may be of interest to read
  • Sources of any applicable regulations
  • Recommended next action
For more information and a personalised quotation, contact Nicolai Lassen