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Building Business in UK
The UK market holds a huge sales potential for many companies that still only sell their products or services in their original market. UK consists of 5 independent “countries” and 13 regions, each with entirely individual commercial challenges for the individual company.

In many cases makes it difficult, and risky to start up with sales in a new area. All conditions in connection with the start-up of the sales function in one of the UK markets must therefore be evaluated individually. Entirely basic things like legal differences in the various “countries” brings with them potential problems, for example in relation to dealer agreements that are like night and day in some of the markets.

Lassen.net / OneStop shopping can assist in selecting that market where the client’s product has the greatest probability for getting firm footing and success, from the collective evaluation of the market potential, the competitive situation and the competitive parameters surrounding the product or service. We can hereafter participate actively in the building of the sales function and the distribution channels.

Lassen.net has direct experience through active participation in the building of sales functions in England, Sweden and Denmark. In each market, we have collaborative partners with whom we work.