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Effektive coordination and personal network
Pageeditor: Nicolai Lassen
Nicolai Lassen
Creative R&D  DK/UK
cand. merc, HD(O)

E nicolai@lassen.net
T +45 3990 0825 
Welcome to lassen.net
At lassen.net, we work with all kinds of clients, large and small, in a whole range of commercial sectors - development organizations, public sector, the pharmaceuticals industry, IT, etc.
Multi-discipline team
Dedicated to providing consultancy, technical and marketing services for start-ups and small to medium sized companies, we offer our clients a one-stop, cost-effective "House of Skills" unmatched elsewhere in the marketplace. At lassen.net, we provide communication services and extensive networks in Denmark, Øresund region and UK.

For more information about lassen.net, see the firm’s website.